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I happened to be experiencing my personal news feed later yesterday and I also found an article by what Julie Baker entirely on the woman door. It absolutely was a letter from a fellow neighbor and this is understanding stated:

“Dear Resident… Your lawn is starting to become Relentlessly Gay! Myself among others into the community ask that you Tone It Down. This really is a Christian area there are youngsters. Stick with it and I also shall be compelled to phone the Police on You! Your own sort need to have value for Jesus. A Concerned Home Owner.”

We exposed my doorway, and discovered an email from my neighbor. Concerning some rainbow jar solar power lighting holding within my garden that spell out “Love” and “Ohana”. They informed me personally that community is actually “christian” and it has “youngsters” and requested me to end being “relentlessly gay”….

Naturally… I wanted a lot more rainbows… Many, many a lot more rainbows….

Very, i’m beginning this fundraiser therefore I can perhaps work to create my Residence a lot more “relentlessly gay” When we go satisfactory, i am going to find out if i will get a Rainbow Roof!

Because my undetectable relentlessly gay rainbow dragon should live up truth be told there in style!

Quite simply, i will be a widow in addition to mummy of four young ones, my personal youngest in highschool and I WILL NOT Relent to Hatred. Rather, I will struggle it with whimsy and charm and laughter and love, wrapped around my personal house, yard and household!!!

Thanks for your own relentlessly gay assistance!


The note referred to a collection of rainbow-colored jar solar lamps Baker had strung-up within her yard. The lights explain “Love” and “Ohana,” the Hawaiian term for household. Julie Baker, a 47-year-old widow and solitary mom of four young ones, says she recognizes as bisexual, it isn’t just positive just what “relentlessly homosexual” ways.  She might have accomplished all kind of situations after looking over this page exactly what she performed then was amazing! She planned to instruct the girl kids a confident story and made a decision to discuss the woman experience and began a chance fund me web page to battle lack of knowledge with an over variety of rainbows and satisfaction. After all the sparkle settles I can’t hold off to see what she really does next!!

She has set up a fundraising web page on line asking for contributions so as that she can create the woman garden even more “relentlessly gay”. In one time over 1,000 folks donated over $15,000 to her reason.

Get the deal

Because this tale was posted online there has been an outside pour of amazing assistance from around globally.

Most of the RELENTLESSLY GAY kangaroos and koalas send their own service from Australia! RELENTLESS!!

~ Ben Owen

Just what a relentlessly amazing approach to coping with the relentlessly ignorant. Maintain the relentlessly terrific work…and hold that relentlessly homosexual rainbow dragon pleased!!!

~ Ariel Na’aman-Ritaldato

I vote for a rainbow unicorn fountain.

~ Hanna Coash-White

Christian neighbor doesn’t like rainbows? Genesis 9:13 (NIV) – We have set my personal rainbow during the clouds, and it will surely end up being the manifestation of the covenant between me and the world.

~ Prudence Padgett

I’m a paint builder in Baltimore. If you buy the paint We’ll ROY G. BIV all your residence

~ James McDonough

Baker states she performed contact police following that possibility but had been informed no crime was dedicated.

Support Julie Baker within her fight against ignorance and cheers to their fabulously
Relentlessly Gay Outdoors!


She has as already been expected to create a tutorial about how to result in the lovely solar light jar lamps and she is dealing with getting an information make.

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